I have been very fortunate to work on a lot of exciting projects. I am based in East Sussex but travel the country for weddings and commercial work. Please have a look at my portfolio and get in touch if you would like to discuss how film can help your business grow or to talk about a film of your wedding day. Visit my portfolio here.

I shoot weddings in a candid style so that you and your guests can enjoy the day without feeling like they’re on a film set. This way I capture all of the genuine and fleeting moments of the day. Enjoy this sample video from my 2019 weddings.

I have always been creative from an early age and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to do so. Before making films, I recorded and produced musicians albums, as well as performing in bands around the world and working backstage in my local theatre. With this musical background I started by filming music videos and from there my work has grown into the commercial sector and capturing wedding days in a beautiful, cinematic and intimate style.

I have worked for local businesses and musicians as well as working extensively with Marriott International, University of Brighton and smaller projects with 10CC, Reading University, TFI Builders, Phileas Fogg’s World Of Adventures and more.

I am a certified drone pilot with the CAA holding a PFCO and relevant insurance. Aerial footage adds a dramatic angle to your project.

Make sure to watch the films in my portfolio as well as reading my testimonials and then get in touch to discuss your project or wedding!

You can also find out more on my Facebook page